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Calderwood Law Group malpractice lawyer, personal injury attorney, and wrongful death attorney

Education and Credentials

Western State College of Law, Irvine, CA - Juris Doctor
Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO
Bachelor of Science in Biological Science
Bachelor of Science in Zoology
Minor in Anatomy/Neurobiology
Saddleback College, Mission Viejo, CA
Associate of Science in Nursing


CA State Bar, Registered Nursing License

Healthcare to Law: Unwavering Legal Advocacy Rooted in Compassion and Expertise

Steven F. Calderwood's unique path to law encompasses a deep immersion in the medical field, initially aiming for a career that would leverage his extensive knowledge in anatomy, physiology, and pathophysiology. His commitment to healthcare led him to work as an EMT in bustling 911 systems, where he honed his skills in emergency medical services in both suburban Denver, CO, and San Bernardino County, CA.

Driven by a passion for emergency medicine, Calderwood excelled as a nurse in high-intensity environments including the Medical ICU, Burn ICU, and Cardiac Care Unit, ultimately focusing his talents in a Level I trauma center in Los Angeles. This extensive medical background laid a solid foundation for his transition into law, where he now combines his healthcare expertise with legal acumen to champion the rights of those affected by medical malpractice, wrongful death, and personal injury.

Calderwood's decision to pivot towards law was not taken lightly. Inspired by his father's tragic experience with hospital negligence, he embarked on a mission to ensure others didn’t suffer similar fates.

Calderwood Law Group, LLP demonstrates Steven's commitment to bridging the gap between law and medicine. We’ve built our firm's ethos on the pillars of understanding, empathy, and determination to achieve the best outcomes for clients. With a proven track record of success, Calderwood Law Group leverages extensive medical, nursing, and EMS experience to navigate complex legal challenges so clients feel empowered and understood every step of the way.

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